Research Data Platform for Clinical Research

Accelerate clinical research and innovation

With Flywheel’s research data platform, unleash the value of your clinical data and scale your research operations to enable improved quality of care and outcomes across your organization.

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Software Solution to Streamline Clinical Research Data Management

Flywheel is a cloud-based research data platform that ingests imaging and related data from multiple sources, curates it to common standards, automates processing and machine learning pipelines and provides for secure collaboration and regulatory compliance.

Flywheel Clinical Research Solutions

Imaging Research

Improve Research Productivity, Secure Collaboration, and Reproducibility

  • PACS & EMR Integration
  • Metadata Management w/ Search
  • Quality Controls
  • Automated Pre-processing & Pipelines
  • Customization via APIs, Python, & Matlab

Machine Learning

Maximize Value of Clinical Data with Scalable Machine Learning Solution

  • Labeling, Classification, and Image Annotation
  • Manage Training Data Sets
  • Automate Training Workflows
  • Deploy Models for Translational Testing
  • Provenance to Support Regulatory Approvals

Clinical Trials & Multi-Center Studies

Streamline Data Collection, Processing, and Sharing for Clinical Trials

  • Secure Sharing & Collaboration
  • De-Identification Workflow
  • IRB-Compliant Projects
  • Research Workflow Automation
  • HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

Maximize the Value of Your Clinical Data

Streamline access to clinical imaging & related data

Aggregate data from multiple sources including your PACS/VNA, EMR and digital pathology for a comprehensive view of your patients.

Empower researchers with comprehensive data processing and analysis tools

Curate disparate data to consistent quality standards with labeling, classification, and image annotation workflows.

Reduce costs while ensuring privacy and security

Provide secure access and collaboration while ensuring IRB, HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with provenance, flagging and audit trails.

Your Strategic Partner for Clinical Research

Flywheel delivers a full range of research data management technology and professional services to help with your clinical research and execute your R&D strategy.


Comprehensive Multi-Modality Research Solution

Flywheel offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to capture any data and manage your machine learning workflows.

Easy, Secure Collaboration

Flywheel is easily configurable allowing you to efficiently get data in and out while securely sharing data across partner institutions.

Enterprise-Class Solution and Scalability

Seamlessly scale to meet the demands of your entire organization with Flywheel’s open and customizable platform.

“Flywheel allows us to extract maximum value out of the assets we already have by standardizing data pipelines across all research projects. We are able to much more quickly access and collaborate on data while feeling confident that everyone is working off a shared, secure dataset that is always current. Our researchers are able to work much more efficiently on artificial intelligence and collaborative research while spending less time managing data.”

Peter McCaffrey, MD
Director of Pathology Informatics and Laboratory Information Systems and Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Texas Medical Branch